A Mobile Solution for Pumping Grapes

PETRO Industrial in collaboration with HAZFLO has once again, delivered a solution to a very happy client in the Hunter Valley wine district.

The Strazzari Marc/Must pump was welcomed on-site and has already successfully pumped the first 20 tonnes of Shiraz for the Mistletoe Winery.

The Client's needs:

Our client needed a mobile pump that can pump wine grapes at 20 tons per hour, transferring the grapes from the trailer to crusher safely and gently with very little damage.

PETRO, in partership with HAZFLO, provided the following SOLUTION:


It is ideal for whole and destemmed grapes, with very wide passages (300 x 200mm) and low rpm (45-57).  It guarantees maximum respect of the grapes.

It acts by pressure and not by centrifugal force to ensure the best possible treatment of the pumped product avoiding breaking of the stalks and crushing of the skins and grape pips. It can also be used for fermented marc.

Reclinable Stainless Steel Hopper to obtain smaller height dimensions, it is complete with Stainless Steel auger protection grid.

Stainless Steel openable cone with hinges, for inspection of the entire internal pump, stainless steel ball or garolla joint  Ø 100 -120.

Stainless Steel wagon in two different solutions:

longitudinal or transversal, wheels for handling and stainless steel frame with ground support device on four anti-vibration pads.

Geared motor upon choice in the powers, 4 - 5.5 - 10Kw for a maximum head of 8/10m in height and 40/50m of distance.

Pump body of different sizes with auger inlet Ø 220 - 300 - 400.


The monobloc unit (1) is entirely constructed of A/SI 304 stainless steel. The product is conveyed by an auger (2) into the pump (3) where the action of a stainless steel elliptic rotor (4), by means of a separating valve (5), pushes it into the outlet pipe (6).

Strazzari G6-220 Pump

Upon request: Hoppers of various sizes - Speed variator -  Electronic inverter -  Swan neck - Compression tank - Stainless steel pipes.

Strazzari Pump Fittings

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