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Petrol Station Style Re-fuelling Station with iPETRO FMS by PETRO Industrial

Above Ground "Petrol Station Style" Re-Fuelling Hub

The Clients Brief:

Our client's request was to establish an advanced "Petrol Station Style" Re-Fuelling Station for Diesel and AdBlue for their fleet of large and small vehicles.

Underground pipe work, dispenser pumps and transition pit flush in the trench were done by the client, in collaboration with PETRO Industrial's standards and specifications ready for installation.

The PETRO Solution:

During the design stages of this project, PETRO came up with a Refuelling hub customised to the clients fleet requirements. 

The solution was a 110,000L Split compartment Self bunded PT Tank with Integrated Pump Bay Housing. The PT Tank was split in two compartments, 90,000L Diesels and 10,000L AdBlue tank. 

The bulk fuel tank, was then connected to 4 x Duel function iPETRO Dispensers (with filtration) equipped with our iPETRO Cloud based Fuel Management System.

This enables the client to track and manage all transactions and dispensing of Diesel and AdBlue of each iPETRO Dispenser, on-line and in real time, on the cloud based web portal. PETRO Industrial supplied weather proof covers to all the FMS systems on site, to protect against the elements.

Above Ground "Petrol Station Style" Re-Fuelling Hub by PETRO Industrial

In the Pump Bay:

The PETRO Tank's pump bay sits next to the transition pits and feeds straight from the tank wall into the pit. Once the fuel pumps into the pit, it transfers to the underground double-containment pump which in turn pumps to the various dispensers. 

Within the tank's pump bay, there are two high flow transfer pumps with strainers in the pump bay, one for diesel, and one for AdBlue off loading into the self bunded split compartment tank.


In collaboration with a civil's team, trenches were dug on site for all PETRO Electrical and pipe works to be laid down and backfill.  

Pipe work from the tanks pump bay is being connected to the underground pipe work by the PETRO Industrial team. All PETRO installations are done according to regulations applicable, making it compliant and safe!

Above Ground "Petrol Station Style" Re-Fuelling Hub installations by PETRO Industrial

Above Ground "Petrol Station Style" Re-Fuelling Hub with iPETRO Fuel Management System
PETRO is the leading manufacturer of above ground fuel tanks. All our projects are customised and engineered to be the best, time saving and long lasting Fuel Solution possible. 
Contact our team today for more information on previous projects or how we can enhance your fuel dispensing and storage needs.
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