Automated Fuel Supply System for 4 Generators.

Automated fuel supply system for 4 generators for a hospital backup power supply.

PETRO is providing a bulk fuel tank to be installed within an existing Generator setup on site for a Hospital. This setup will be crucial to maintain the generators and ensure the Hospital will never be without power. The system has a PLC HMI Monitoring Control in place to provide complete AUTOMATION for the transfer of fuel.

Automated fuel supply system for 4 generators by PETRO Industrial

The design:

Duty standby pump setup. The Tank Pump bay houses two pumps, one is a redundancy if the other one should fail. The two pumps has been set up to alternately cycle automatically between the pumps to guarantee one pump does not ware out before the other. The solenoids will control the cycling of the two pumps.

The fuel will feed through 4 feed solenoids that will in turn, feed into 4 independent generators. 

Each generator is fitted with flood switches that will be able to call to the solenoids to transfer fuel once it reaches a low level. The system has been designed to be completely automated and be controlled through the PLC HMI operating system secured within the Tank Pump Bay.

Automated fuel feed installation to 4 generators inside the pump bay

PLC HMI Monitor installed by PETRO Industrial

As a safety measure, a redundancy solenoid has been placed on the generators to manually shut-off the fuel transfer between the tank and generators, should anything go wrong. The fuel will travel up to 20m between the tank and generators. 

From the PLC HMI Monitor, the customer will be able to track which generator is fuelling, levels within the other generators, measure the fuel level within the bulk fuel tank and track all warning signals and pressure signals on the consumable such as filters and valves.