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Automated fuel supply to four generators from a self bunded tank from PETRO Industrial

Automated Fuel Supply System for Critical Power supply Generators.

Automated Fuel Supply System Ensuring Critical Backup Power for Hospital's 4 Generators.

PETRO provided a substantial fuel storage tank that was integrated into the existing generator infrastructure at a hospital site. This installation was of paramount importance as it ensured uninterrupted power supply for the hospital by facilitating ongoing generator maintenance. The system featured a state-of-the-art PLC HMI Monitoring Control system, ensuring full automation in the fuel transfer process.

Automated fuel supply system for 4 generators by PETRO Industrial

The design included:

  • A duty standby pump setup, with the Tank Pump bay housing two pumps to ensure redundancy in case one fails. These pumps were configured to cycle automatically between each other to prevent excessive wear on one pump. The cycling of the pumps was controlled by solenoids.

  • Fuel distribution through four feed solenoids, each independently supplying one of the four generators.

  • Flood switches installed on each generator to trigger the solenoids for fuel transfer when fuel levels dropped significantly. The entire system was designed for complete automation, with control through the PLC HMI operating system securely located within the Tank Pump Bay.

Automated fuel feed installation to 4 generators inside the pump bay

PLC HMI Monitor installed by PETRO Industrial
  • As a safety precaution, a redundancy solenoid was installed on the generators, allowing for manual shut-off of fuel transfer from the tank in case of emergencies. The distance between the tank and generators spanned up to 20 meters.

  • The PLC HMI Monitor provided the customer with the ability to monitor the active generator, check fuel levels in the other generators, measure the fuel level in the bulk fuel tank, and monitor warning signals and pressure signals for consumables like filters and valves.

This comprehensive design ensures efficient, reliable, and user-friendly control over the hospital's backup power supply, enhancing its operational resilience.

If you're ready to enhance your organisation's power reliability, reach out to us today to discuss how our solutions can benefit your specific needs and requirements. 

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