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Self Bunded fuel storage tanks with custom fitted dispensing equipment from PETRO Industrial

SAVE time and Money with a Self-bunded Tank

You WILL SAVE time and money on a project with an above ground Self-Bunded (Double Wall) Tank from PETRO Industrial.

PETRO Industrial's above ground fuel storage tanks

ADVANTAGES of a PETRO above ground, self-bunded Storage Tank:

  • Cost effective!
  • Self-bunded (Tank-in-Tank design),
  • Fast and easy to install, or re-locate,
  • "Plug-n-Play" solution,
  • Tank and dispensing / monitoring equipment is one unit,
  • Very little preparation before installation,
  • Store various liquids,
  • Multi-compartment tank option,
  • Use as Re-fuelling station or Generator feed,
  • Tanks can be connected to scale up creating a Tank Farm,
  • Meets all required Standards,
  • Environmentally friendly.


It is a Tank within a Tank. The inner tank will serve as the fluid storage tank, while the outer tank serves as the bund, and will hold 110% of the capacity of the inner tank in case of an unlikely leakage.


PETRO's self-bunded tanks are suitable for the storage of diesel, petrol, petrochemicals, biodiesel, lubricants, Adblue and waste oil. We also offer Multi-Compartment tanks to house more than one liquid in one tank. You can have a multi-functional dispensing unit on site.

PETRO Industrial's fuel storage solutions for Marine application


Less time, more money!  There is very little ground preparation needed to install a PETRO Self-bunded Tank, all you need is a level surface and a power point. No need to build an expensive bund wall. If your project moves, your asset moves too – no mess, no fuss! Unplug the power, load the tank and "bob's your uncle".

No Power? – No Problem!

All PETRO's Tanks can be fitted with Solar Panels for remote Re-fuelling or Generator feed purposes.

SAVE time!

Having your bulk fuel supply on site eliminates the need for time consuming delivery and the cost thereof. Why pay for regular deliveries? Buy and store your own supply and benefit from the rebates. NEVER wait for late deliveries again!

PETRO Industrial Self-bunded Tank Pump BayPump Bay Housing

A "Plug-n-Play" solution!  All the dispensing and monitoring equipment is custom fitted to your needs inside the weatherproof, lockable, bunded Pump Bay. When the tank moves, the equipment moves. THIS makes it easy to re-locate your asset to where you need it most.

More Tank Features:

  • Fully compliant,
  • Equipment are factory assembled and wet tested,
  • Cyclone rated – can be easily fixed to the ground,
  • UL142 rated (highest testing level available for storage tanks),
  • Order it with or without pump bay,
  • Durable and long lasting,
  • Marine quality paint, 
  • Safety decals,
  • 365, 24/7 support,
  • Operation guides provided,


PETRO Industrial has a variety of tank designs in various capacities to suit every need, no matter how big or small your project.

Capacities range from 600L up to 194,500L storage options.

PETRO Industrial's fuel storage solutions for any size business

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