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Empowering Mining Operations with PETRO Fuel Storage Solution

Empowering Mining Operations with PETRO Fuel Storage Solution

Our client, a key player in the mining industry, sought a reliable and efficient fuel storage solution to meet the demands of their on-site generators. PETRO Industrial was entrusted with the task of providing a solution that ensures seamless fuel supply and optimal operational performance whilst creating a solution that adheres to environmental limitation the customer has on site.

Solution Provided:

To address the client's requirements, we delivered a tailored fuel storage solution featuring two PETRO PC 11,000L self-bunded fuel tanks strategically positioned side by side. Engineered for static diesel storage on-site, these tanks play a pivotal role in sustaining the uninterrupted operation of multiple generators.

a reliable and efficient fuel storage solution for on-site generators, by PETRO Industrial

Day Tank Integration:

To enhance operational efficiency, a third, smaller PETRO PC Cube 1,100L fuel tank was seamlessly integrated as a Day Tank. This specialised tank serves as an intermediary reserve fuel tank, receiving fuel from the larger storage tanks and efficiently feeding multiple generators as needed. The Day Tank configuration ensures a consistent and controlled fuel supply, optimising the performance of the on-site generators.

Fuel storage and dispensing for multiple generators by PETRO Industrial

Key Features:

PETRO PC 11,000L Self-Bunded Tanks:
  • Positioned side by side, these tanks provide secure and static storage for diesel. The PETRO PC 11,000L tanks are equipped with a self-bunded design, providing an added layer of safety by containing any potential spills within the tank itself.
Day Tank Functionality:
  • Engineered as an intermediary component, the smaller PETRO PC Cube 1,100L tank facilitates the controlled distribution of fuel to multiple generators, ensuring operational reliability.


The implemented fuel storage solution has proven instrumental in ensuring a consistent and reliable fuel supply for the on-site generators. By leveraging PETRO Industrial's expertise in designing and deploying tailored storage systems, our client now benefits from enhanced operational stability, reduced downtime, and optimised performance of their critical power infrastructure in the dynamic and demanding mining environment. This case exemplifies our commitment to delivering solutions that precisely align with our clients' unique operational requirements.

In closing, this case study highlights our successful collaboration and impactful solutions. For more information or to discuss how we can tailor our expertise to your unique needs, contact our team.

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