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Diesel and Adblue Storage and Re-fuelling station with FMS from PETRO Industrial

High-Tech Diesel & Adblue Re-Fuelling Storage and Dispensing

The Project:

PETRO installed two 110,000L Self Bunded PT Diesel Tanks plus a 20,000L Adblue Self Bunded Tank, with our iPETRO fuel management system, under these pre-constructed canopies.

Bulk Diesel and Adblue Storage & Dispensing by PETRO Industrial

The Adblue Tank was installed in between the two diesel tanks with 3 dual dispensing points on each side (6 in total). All the pipe work from tank to tank were custom designed, manufactured and installed by PETRO Industrial.

The diesel tanks have 3" Road Tanker Unloading Kits.

Each Diesel Tank has two submersible pumps (4 in total) pumping at over a 100lpm flow rate (as required) to the Compac Dispensers. The Adblue Tank has two submersible pumps as well but with a low flow rate.

The hoses and nozzles were installed on high masts for easy use and longevity of the hoses.

PETRO Industrial electrical installations

All electrical work was designed and installed by our highly qualified hazardous zone certified installation team. With Colibri tank gauging equipment connected to the iPETRO FMS, all dispensing volumes and low levels can be monitored on-line and in real time from anywhere in the world.

The electrical Control Board is also designed in accordance to the rules and regulations, by PETRO, with an emergency stop.

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