2,000L Solar Powered Cube Diesel Trailer

Take your fuel to where it's needed!

This Self Bunded 2,000L Cube Style Diesel Trailer was designed, manufactured and assembled in-house to pump diesel remotely without electricity.

PETRO trailers are fully baffled and compliant for transport filled with fuel.

Trailer is equiped with:

  • Scorpion 12V 50W Solar Panel.
  • Discover 12V 120AH AGM Deep Cycle Battery and Box.
  • Lockable Cabinet.
  • 85lpm PIUSI 12Volt Pump.
  • PIUSI K33 Flow Meter.
  • Spring Rewind Hose Reel with Nozzle.
  • PIUSI In-line Diesel Filter.
  • Roll Over Protection Vent.
  • Safety Grab-Hand Rail.
  • Emergency Stop Button.
  • 4-Step Pull Down Hinged Ladder.
  • Single Flash Stroble Light (Amber).
  • Long Radius Elbow 90 Deg (1.25 Inch).
  • 1.25 Inch Sch40 Pipe For Grab Rails.
Cube Fuel Trailer with Solar Panels from PETRO Industrial