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iPETRO Lite Fuel Management Systems

iPETRO Lite FMS will SAVE you money – PETRO Industrial

The next generation of entry level Fuel Management Terminals, allowing you to track every litre of fuel utilising contactless technology.

Whatever your business, fuel will represent a significant cost. iPETRO Lite helps you to control this cost by providing secure, controlled fuel to easily manage your home depot refuelling facility.

The iPETRO Lite console and iPETRO Lite online dashboard integrate seamlessly. The Lite solutions saves YOUR business money, by securely tracking every litre of fuel dispensed, and puts YOU in control. 

iPETRO Lite, the only 2-Pump Fuel Management System - from PETRO IndustrialA true market leading product, the iPETRO Lite Fuel Management System is the only 2 pump system in the entry level market. This allows you to accommodate another product such as AdBlueⓇ, making your home base refuelling depot a one-stop refuelling point.


iPETRO Lite Fuel Management System

Fuel Transactions are transferred seamlessly to the iPETRO Lite Online portal via the iPETRO Lite USB stick. Our centralised reporting facility replaces the traditional PC based local software, with a fully web integrated tool which can be accessed from and location on a web enabled device. This lets you generate your own custom reports on-the-go!

Whether you run a small or medium sized fleet, iPETRO Lite offers a cost effective Fuel Management System which will save your business money and aid in stock reconciliation.

iPETRO Lite and iPETRO Lite Online combine to form a money-saving business tool providing user friendly reporting and reconciliation.

  • No software installation necessary.
  • Centralised reporting - View all sites under one screen.
  • Track fuel by vehicle or driver.
  • Manager secure web portal for override facility.
  • Exports to iPETRO website.
  • Friendly transaction and stock information easily accessible by unlimited users
  • Set access levels to restrict to individual staff or departments.
  • Customise reports and view them in a choice of formats.

iPETRO Lite FMS Options - from PETRO Industrial

Features & BenefitsiPETRO Lite Cloud Based FMS - from PETRO Industrial

Track every litre of fuel or fluid dispensed with the iPETRO Lite terminal, the next generation of entry level Fuel Management terminals, utilising Contactless technology for secure and controlled fuelling.

The Lite solution provides cost effective Fuel Management with vehicle/driver and stock reporting via the secure cloud-based Fluids Management Portal.

Our Cloud based Fluids Management Portal is a money saving business tool providing user friendly reporting and reconciliation.

Access the Fluids Management Portal from any web enabled PC, tablet or smartphone eliminating the requirement for software installed on only one PC. Unlimited users have access to the website and complete control of who can access and modify transaction and stock data.

iPETRO Lite Offers

  • Secure contactless technology to track every litre.
  • Standard and backup memory with capacity for 4000+ transactions.
  • Up to 250 users with contactless vehicle or driver tags.
  • Upgrade your terminal to use our new V-Tag system (Virtual tags) - no more need for physical tags just enter your pin to commence fuelling.
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for easy odometer and data entry.
  • Overide switch available for manual fuelling.
  • Centralised reporting, view multiple sites under one screen.
  • Cost effective solution for small, medium or large fleets.
  • Track fuel by vehicle or driver.
  • 2 Pump upgrade available.
  • Stock reconciliation.
  • Now with RS485 interface for tank gauging capability.

The iPETRO Lite Specs:

Below are the key specifications for the iPETRO Lite, but be sure to download a copy of the iPETRO Lite Datasheet.

 Dimensions (w x h x d) w: 272mm h: 240mm d: 65mm
Power Supply 100-240VAC 50-60Hz (12 Volt Available Part no. 80015733)
Temperature Range -30° to + 50°
Technology Manual synchronisation via USB Stick
Security High level encryption
Install Time 1 - 2 hours
Hardware Compatibility Pumps (1-2), RS485 Tank gauge interface upgrade available


Be sure to Contact our Helpful Sales Staff for more information on how an iPETRO Lite Fuel Management System can benefit your business today!

Or Buy Online & Save!


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