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PETRO Supplies ULP and Diesel Bulk Fuel Tanks to Sunshine Coast Car Rental Company

PETRO Supplies ULP and Diesel Bulk Fuel Tanks to Sunshine Coast Car Rental Company

PETRO, a top-tier provider of fuel storage solutions, recently joined forces with a prominent car rental company located in the picturesque Sunshine Coast. This partnership is a major step forward, with PETRO taking on the responsibility of supplying and expertly installing state-of-the-art Unleaded (ULP) and Diesel bulk fuel tanks.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to bolster the car rental company's fuel management infrastructure while ensuring strict compliance with Australia's rigorous safety standards. By tapping into PETRO's expertise and cutting-edge technology, the car rental company aims to enhance operational efficiency and maintain unparalleled safety levels, solidifying its leading position in the Sunshine Coast's automotive industry.

ULP and Diesel storage with one dual dispenser from PETRO Industrial

Tailored Safety Solutions:

Leveraging PETRO's profound expertise in crafting fuel storage systems, we embarked on a journey of customisation to ensure stringent compliance with safety regulations.

Two bulk fuel tanks have been installed to facilitate the storage of both ULP and Diesel. The Fire-rated 5000L Tank comes equipped with a weatherproof pump enclosure box, thermal relief, dual hose dispenser, and electronic tank gauge. Meanwhile, the Diesel PC Cube 4,500L tank features an upright pump housing, enclosed iPETRO Pro fuel management system, electrical control board, and electronic tank gauge.

This endeavour involved the meticulous adaptation of dispensing and pump housings to meet the fire-rated hazardous zoning standards stipulated by Australian regulations. Recognising the inherent flammability of Unleaded (ULP), our team strategically implemented a 1.5-metre separation radius between fuel tanks. 

The team of Engineers, presented the customer with safety zone drawings, to help determine where the final solution would be best installed and commissioned. Additionally, PETRO ingeniously engineered interconnecting pipework to establish a robust barrier, effectively deterring foot traffic between the tanks. Through these innovative measures, we not only prioritise safety but also ensure unwavering compliance, setting new benchmarks in fuel storage safety standards.

Petrol and Diesel storage tanks with one Dual Dispenser

Enhanced Fuel Dispensing System:

Multiple Emergency stop buttons are installed to adhere to Australian WHS standards

PETRO implemented an advanced dual-hose dispenser system designed to streamline fuel dispensing operations. This state-of-the-art setup features a built-in drip tray, meticulously engineered to thwart spillage and prevent ground contamination. Clear and distinct colour markings, as well as same colour nozzles differentiate between Unleaded Petrol (ULP) and diesel hoses, ensuring seamless and error-free refuelling procedures.

Furthermore, PETRO integrated two strategically positioned Emergency Stop (E-Stop) points, situated both at the dispensing point and pump housings, thus bolstering safety measures and offering operators enhanced control over the dispensing process. Control over the pumps is accessible from either end of the setup.

Commitment to Safety Standards:

PETRO implemented a comprehensive safety protocol by housing the Unleaded Petrol (ULP) pump within a specially crafted control box, meticulously designed to adhere to stringent safety standards and hazardous zoning regulations.

This conscientious approach guarantees the smooth operation of the fuelling system, with safety considerations meticulously woven into every stage of its functionality, ensuring peace of mind for operators and users alike.

Dual dispenser with connected Petrol and Diesel storage tanks

Durable Solution with Cutting-Edge Fuel Management: 

PETRO's unwavering dedication to providing long-lasting and intuitive solutions shines through in both the design and installation phases. At the heart of this solution lies the iPETRO Pro fuel management system, elevating the accuracy of fuel tracking to new heights.

By harnessing advanced user or driver tag technology, this system meticulously monitors every litre of dispensed fuel, offering real-time insights into fuel levels across each tank. Furthermore, all dispensing data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring accessibility from any corner of the globe, empowering businesses with unparalleled visibility and control over their fuel management processes.

In Summary:

With bespoke design and unwavering commitment to safety, PETRO has delivered a dependable and fully compliant bulk fuel storage and dispensing solution for the Sunshine Coast car rental company. The incorporation of cutting-edge fuel management technology not only optimises operational efficiency but also guarantees precise fuel tracking, enabling the company to streamline its fuel management processes seamlessly.

PETRO's dedication to excellence, safety, and customer fulfilment not only solidifies its status as a trusted ally in the fuel storage and dispensing sector but also reaffirms its unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations.

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