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The Versatile "Plug-'n-Play" PC CUBE Fluid Storage Tank

The Versatile "Plug-'n-Play" PC CUBE Fluid Storage Tank

The Self-bunded PETRO PC CUBE is our most versatile, customisable small footprint fluid storage tank.

The options of use with the PC CUBE is unmatchable. Installing ANY configuration of dispensing, gauging, monitoring and fluid management systems is achievable with the PC CUBE. With ALL the equipment pre-installed on the PC CUBE all you need to do is to supply the power. "Plug-'n-Play"

PETRO Industrial's self-bunded PC CUBE fluid storage and dispensing tank

The PC CUBE can be used as a Fluid Storage and Dispensing Tank for vehicles or generators, or both? YES, both applications can be fitted on the same tank if needed. Download the Data Sheet HERE.

Because of its small footprint, the PC CUBE is the perfect choice for confined spaces like in mines or basements.

The PC CUBE is stackable 3-high when empty, 2-high when full, and because it's fully baffled it can be movable when full, up to the PC CUBE 6.6. THIS makes the PC CUBE easy to re-locate to where it's needed the most.

Self-bunded PC CUBE fuel storage tank from PETRO Industrial

Suitable for the storage and dispensing of Diesel, Biodiesel, Kerosene, Lubricants, Petrol and Waste Oil.
Unique tank in tank design approved to UL142 / ULCS601 / AS1940, AS1692, AS1170, AS4100, AS1554.1 / BS799 / PPG2.

The PC CUBE is available in the following capacities:

PETRO Industrial's PC CUBE fuel tank sizes
ULP PC Cube and Diesel Cube connected to one Dispenser

The above image showcases a custom designed and manufactured PC CUBE installation for a car rental company. We connected a ULP Cube and a Diesel Cube to one Dual Dispenser, with an electrical Control Board, dispensing system, and the iPETRO Fluid Management System. Read more HERE.

PETRO PS CUBES used as day tanks for Generators

With the above project we delivered a tailored fuel storage solution for a mining client featuring two PETRO PC 11,000L self-bunded fuel tanks strategically positioned side by side. Engineered for static diesel storage on-site, these tanks play a pivotal role in sustaining the uninterrupted operation of multiple generators. Read more HERE.

The following images shows how we custom designed and fitted a PC CUBE with two fuel lines. One is dedicated towards dispensing of fuel and the other for circulating fuel thru the filters, thus polishing the fuel. The two pumps are fitted with electronic control valves and all operations are electrically controlled by a push-button Control Board. Read more HERE.

Custom fitted Fire Rated PC CUBE

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