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Remote Controlled Motorised Hose Reel and Pump - TCS Meter and PETRO DG Store

Remote Controlled Hose Reel & Pump Refuelling – PETRO Industrial

PETRO has recently put the final touches on an innovative, purpose-built piece of refuelling equipment! 

This Remote Controlled Hose Reel and Pump, housed in a PETRO DG (Dangerous Goods) Store for a Major Pacific Island fuel supplier, will be used as part of a Maritime Refuelling Facility. 



An intelligent solution to high-capacity hose retraction and remote pumping, designed to enable quick and convenient high-flow refuelling by a single operator. 

 Remote controlled hose reel and pump complete with TCS Meter and custom switchboard  PETRO Dangerous Goods Store - Containerised DG Store  Wireless Remote to control remote controlled hose reel and pump



Refuelling while on the water is tricky at the best of times. The client is often a single operator and is faced with bearing the weight of a heavy 60m hose filled with fuel. In addition to this, moving back and forth to the pump location to operate the equipment can be time consuming and inefficient. PETRO's core challenge was to provide an engineered solution which enabled a sole operator to refuel a vessel quickly, efficiently and safely, over 140m from the fuel source.



PETRO has custom designed a solution that allows for flexible fuel dispensing as well as enabling port personnel to keep high traffic areas near the water clear when refuelling is not occurring. 

This Remote Controlled Hose Reel will be positioned 80m from the Self Bunded tank and pump facility and 60m from the fuel's destination. 

Remote Controlled Hose Reel for long distance Re-fuelling

This design will allow the pump to be operated by one person wirelessly via the Remote, but also allows for operation directly from the switchboard. The Remote can activate the pump, control the emergency stop on the pump, switch between high and low flow rate modes, as well as reel the hose in and out using the inbuilt electric motor. 

The Remote Hose Reel Assembly facilitates quick and easy refuelling with up to 700lpm flow rate in high flow mode or 110lpm in low flow mode.

This solution is comprised of High-Quality Components such as:

  • Stainless Steel Electric Rewind Hose Reel.
  • 60m 2" Alfagomma Hose.
  • Total Control Systems (TCS) Flow Meter.
  • 700 Lpm in High Flow or 110Lpm in Low Flow mode.
  • PETRO Custom Fabricated Switch Board.
  • Radio Control Remote System.
  • PETRO DG Store Pump Bay Housing.

Housed in a PETRO Dangerous Goods Store (DG) for the secure, environmentally compliant and safe storage of all of the hose reel equipment, the PETRO Custom Remote Controlled Hose Reel and Pump build is the ultimate solution to efficient and easy maritime refuelling. 

PETRO industrial is a full-service custom engineering firm, with the capability to manage your custom project from start to finish. Contact PETRO today to see how we can provide an innovative solution to your refuelling challenge!



Check out the video below: 


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