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PETRO Self Bunded Fuel Trailers

Innovative Self Bunded Fuel Trailer Development – PETRO Industrial

The PETRO Industrial Self Bunded Fuel Trailer is truly unique and was developed to solve a host of problems in the hire industry associated with the availability of self bunded, low profile, robust fuel and service trailers.

Why was the PETRO Self Bunded Fuel Trailer developed?

A prominent Queensland independent hire company was having ongoing quality and availability issues with their existing supplier of fuel trailers.

Their existing fuel trailers were not standing up to the treatment being dished out by their customers. The design proved to be unsuitable for hire fleet use. The incumbent supplier would not listen and evolve their product, that's where PETRO stepped in.

PETRO listened and developed an innovative solution!

PETRO invested in engineering a trailer design that meets the needs of the hire industry. We developed a 1250L robust, fully bunded, low profile fuel trailer with a gross weight under 2 tonne when fully laden. This means any suitably rated customer vehicle can tow the PETRO 1250L Self Bunded Fuel Trailer without the need for an in car brake controller unit.

Fuel Trailer Low Profile Features - from PETRO Industrial

Designed and produced in Australia.

This innovative self bunded fuel trailer meets the requirements of the hire industry, mining, civil construction and general industrial markets. Its heavy-duty design makes it suitable for on and off-road use and the trailer is suitable for registration throughout Australia.

Weighing in under 2 tonne when fully loaded with fuel and fitted with dispensing equipment, the PETRO 1250 litre self bunded fuel trailers can be towed without the need for any in-vehicle brake controller unit. This makes the trailer perfect for those customers who operate a fleet of equipment. Towing is a breeze thanks to its aerodynamic low profile and low centre of gravity.

The 1250L trailer is supplied with mechanical override brakes. We can supply hydraulic override brakes as an option. The bigger 2000 litre model is supplied with electric brakes.

True Environmental Compliance

Our innovative design includes a true self bunded tank. We don't simply weld two sheets of steel together and call this a self bunded tank. Our inner tank can be removed from the outer tank for long term testing, cleaning and maintenance. Our inner tank is fully baffled to provide an even smooth ride for the trailer when being towed, filled with fuel.

Solar Dispensing Option Available.

PETRO has developed a 12V solar powered dispensing package to compliment our range of self bunded fuel trailers.

Our Solar Kit includes Solar Panels, an Inverter Module, Deep Cycle Battery, Heavy Duty 12V Pump, Filter, Mechanical or Electronic Meter, Spring Rewind Hose Reel and Automatic shut Off Nozzle.

Harnessing the power of the sun the PETRO Solar Dispensing Package provides a clean, green dispensing solution to compliment your environmentally compliant PETRO Self Bunded Fuel Trailer.

Fuel Trailer with Solar Panels produced by PETRO Industrial

Meets Australia’s tough Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations.

Our chassis has been engineered independent (separate) to the main tank module. This means the tank module can be conveniently removed for maintenance over a period of time. The design includes a host of quality features including: dual axle configuration, fully hot dip galvanised frame, roller/rocker suspension system, sunraysia rims, heavy duty axle system, 50mm towball hitch assembly, mechanical over ride brakes, safety chain assembly, rear drop down supports for trailer stability when the trailer is not connected to a vehicle, heavy duty swing away jockey wheel, LED Lighting, and heavy duty stainless steel roll bars firmly fixed to the main chassis unit, to name a few. We even have an option for 304 St/St inner tank for aviation fuel applications!

Low Profile Fuel Trailer with lockable Pump Bay - PETRO Industrial

Every inclusion has been engineered from scratch, with safety in mind.

The tank fueling area features a mechanical level gauge, numerous spare ports for connection of support/ancillary equipment, fuel industry standard anti static fill tube, weatherproof recessed housing and gas-strut lockable lid. The PETRO Self Bunded Fuel Trailer also comes standard with a Fire Extinguisher (4.5kg), amber site flashing light with extension pole and spare tyre, plus tyre mounting cradle.

The fully bunded pump bay has been designed large enough to store all required dispensing equipment including the pump, meter, filter, hose reel and battery.

Perfect for use with Generators, Lighting Towers, Dewatering Pumps and other stationary diesel engines.

Generators, lighting towers, dewatering pumps - the equipment usages are endless! And there’s no need to allocate resources to lifting the tank into place. The trailer can be backed up to generators or similar equipment, quickly connected, to act as the day-tank and upon completion of the task, reconnected to the towing vehicle and driven off.

Perfectly suited for response to natural disasters like cyclones and storm damage where local infrastructure is not functioning due to fallen power lines, and for refueling emergency power generators on the fly.

We provide two suction connection points and two return connection points. These suction and connection points are conveniently located at the rear of the trailer for simple/quick connection to site equipment. Foot valves are provided on the two suction points to ensure that you retain a prime on the suction line of the stationary equipment. The foot valve guarantees a prime on your pump unit for ease of next start fuel flow.

Embraced by customers around Australia.

From our humble beginnings building a few trailers for one hire company in Queensland we have now developed a full production line for our range of Self Bunded Fuel Trailers.

The range has now grown to include 1250L and 2000L and a full range of multiple compartment service trailers.

For more information on PETRO’s Fuel Trailers speak with your local PETRO branch.

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