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PETRO Industrial's STORE range of tanks are perfect for home base refuelling

Fuel Storage, Dispensing & Monitoring Solution for a School in NT

PETRO STORE fuel storage tank perfect for on-site re-fuelling

This small footprint 5,500 litre (PS range) bunded diesel storage tank with all it's pre-fitted equipment was custom designed for a school in the NT for their ground keeping purposes.

More about the tank:

  • it has a lockable, weatherproof, full height pump bay housing,
  • with custom, pre-fitted equipment – a true "Plug-n-Play" solution,
  • it's bunded – no expensive bund wall needed,
  • environmentally friendly and compliant,
  • for static storage, but easy to re-locate,
  • durable, high quality steel and finish.

Now they can buy diesel in bulk, claim the rebates, and always have fuel at hand.

No more expensive, time consuming trips to the fuel station!

    More about the EQUIPMENT:

    The tank was pre-fitted with a 230V 70lpm diesel pump kit, hose reel and nozzle, an iPETRO fuel management system (FMS) and an integrated automatic tank gauge.

    The main control panel is situated on the outside of the tank for fast and easy access.

    More about the iPETRO FMS:

    This web-based system allows the manager full control over all activities at the dispensing point.  You don't need any software, just internet access.


    • YOU are in control!!
    • only pre-allocated users are able to access the pump for dispensing by key, tag or code,
    • ALL activities of dispensing (date, time, user, volume and department) are recorded by the FMS and stored on the web portal,
    • every drop of diesel is accounted for (no more cheating or theft),
    • this info can be viewed and managed by the manager,
    • extensive reports are available in various formats,

    More about the TANK GAUGE:

    The Tank Gauge is integrated with the iPETRO FMS, thus giving you easy access to your wet stock level in the tank. Levels can be viewed at the gauge or on the website.

    The FMS will automatically alarm and warn you when stocks are low. You will never run out of fuel again.

    The PETRO SOLUTION made it easy for the school to manage and control their diesel usage. With the available reports, they were able to SAVE MONEY by using their fuel in a more controlled manner.


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