Small Refuelling Depot for Fleet Vehicles

Our clients office is based in Brisbane, but owns three sites in NSW, QLD and WA. He wanted to save costs on fuel by buying fuel in bulk and effortlessly manage and track all dispensing and stock levels of Diesel and ULP on all three sites from his office.

We solved his needs with the following 3 solutions:

1.  a 29,350 litre Safe Fill level, Self bunded, Containerised Liquitainer (LT) Diesel Tank with a Built-in Bunded Pump Bay with Lockable Doors. Inside this weather proof pump bay is a 80Lpm iPETRO Bowser/Dispenser with a Built-in iPETRO Fuel Management System.

2. This iPETRO Fuel Management System will service both the diesel and ULP tanks recording and saving ALL dispensing activities at the pumps. The owner will be able to track and manage all his vehicles and drivers from the comfort of his computer, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere in the world using the iPETRO Cloud Based Portal.

30,000 litre LT30 Containerised Self Bunded Liquitainer Fuel Storage Tank from PETRO Industrial

3.  a smaller 10,000 litre Safe Fill level, Self Bunded, ULP PETRO Store Tank witch has a lockable, full hight walk-in pump bay housing the ULP Rated Pump. This tank is situated away from the diesel tank according to the specified requirements.

11,000L PS11 PETRO Store Self Bunded Fuel Storage Tank from PETRO Industrial

All PETRO installations are done by our highly qualified and Hazardous Zone Certified technicians.

PETRO products are durable and made for operating in harsh conditions giving you that all important reliability and peace of mind.

Take FULL CONTROL of your fleet with a custom made PETRO solution!