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High and Low diesel flow dispensing from one bulk storage setup done by PETRO Industrial

One Diesel Storage and Dispensing Solution for Multiple Applications

Bulk diesel storage from one setup for three different dispensing needs from PETRO Industrial

Our client needed a solution for bulk diesel storage and dispensing to accommodate for light and heavy vehicle re-fuelling, with monitoring.

They wanted the light vehicle re-fuelling point at the tank, and the heavy vehicle re-fuelling point some 50m away, with an additional generator feed.

The PETRO Industrial Solution:

The illustration above shows in principal what our solution was.  We designed and installed 3 x 68,000L Self-bunded LT Tanks all linked with each other to form a bulk fuel farm.

The equipment inside the tank's pump bays were custom fitted to provide fuel to the low flow point, the high flow point and a generator.

In addition to this we also installed our Cloud Based iPETRO Pro Fluid Management System (FMS) to monitor, capture and save all dispensing data at the dispensing points, for the manager to view and manage from the comfort of his office.  No software is needed, just internet access!

We also supplied them with a 11,000L PETRO CUBE for waste oil storage, and a 1000L CUBE for diesel storage which they can move around to where it's needed.

PETRO Industrial Bulk Fuel Storage Solutions

PETRO has your covered with all your custom projects needs.

With our in-house Engineering and highly qualified Manufacturing team, we can customise to all your needs.

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