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Self Bunded Bulk Fuel Storage Tank Farms by PETRO Industrial

A PETRO Tank Farm Will Fast-track YOUR Project – PETRO Industrial

PETRO Industrial offers a range of intelligent Self Bunded Tank Farm solutions.

No matter what the nature of your project is, you're going to need fuel and lubricants to run it. PETRO Industrial offers tailored tank farm solutions which are suited to the specific needs of your project.Self Bunded Fuel Tank Farms

PETRO Industrial designs, manufactures and assembles Self Bunded Tank Farms for a range of liquids including Diesel, Gasoline (Petrol), Aviation Fuels and Lubricants throughout the world. These Plug and Play, Modular, Portable, Self Bunded Tanks are quick to mobilise and assemble, providing a fast, environmentally compliant solution. But what does a tank farm look like, and how does it function? See the diagram below:

Self Bunded Tank Farm Scenario

There will be peaks and troughs during your project timetable that cause spikes in demand on your site. We understand that you need a flexible solution to your project's hydrocarbons storage and dispensing needs, to accommodate the differing levels in demand.

You need a rapidly deployable, scalable, environmentally compliant and practical hydrocarbons facility to support the job. PETRO Industrial's self bunded tank farm solutions help you get the job done, the way you want, when you want.

PETRO Tank farms can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate the demands of the site moving forward. Reduce investment risk in the initial stages of a project by avoiding future-proofing expenses. The PETRO tank farms can grow along side your operation, and its hydrocarbon consumption.

PETRO's modular tank farm solutions offer a true 'plug and play' solution to support your project site. They offer the support you need in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. 

We can offer a range of larger centralised options and indeed a network of smaller decentralised solutions tailored to the needs of your project. 

Little Infrastructure.
There is no need to invest in expensive permanent infrastructure to support our equipment. Whilst always nice to have, our equipment does not require expensive concrete footings and associated infrastructure. All we need you to provide is a suitably compacted, well drained, level site. PETRO Tank Farms are designed to be deployed in a range of conditions. This saves time and money, allowing you to allocate the resources you save towards other facets of your operation.

Rapid Deployment.
PETRO Tank Farms are quick to deploy.  We hold tanks in stock throughout our global operations. We can kick off your project with equipment within literally a few days, this equipment can then be scaled up to meet the needs of your project as it gears up to full construction. Traditional Tank Farms can take up to 6 months to build. Don’t wait around, fast-track your project with a PETRO Tank Farm today!

Self Bunded Fuel Tank Farm

PETRO Industrial's range of Self Bunded Tank Farms are designed with you in mind and are comprised of the highest quality components. Utilising; PETRO's premium quality self bunded fuel tank range, Donaldson Filtration Equipment, Piusi Pumps and dispensing equipment, iPETRO Fuel Management Systems, ALFAGOMMA Hoses and PETRO Spill containment equipment, the Tank Farms are a setup you can rely on for your project. From beginning to end.

Not all Self Bunded Tanks are the same. For more information on PETRO's range of Self Bunded Tanks for Fuel Farms click here. 

PETRO Industrial is not just a self bunded fuel tank manufacturer and retailer. PETRO Industrial is a full service provider of hydrocarbon storage, dispensing, reselling and management solutions. No matter how large the operation, our direct factory integration allows us meet demands and operate under strict time constraints.


Self Bunded Fuel Tank Farm Outback

Contact PETRO Industrial today, to discuss the detail of your project and how we can enhance your efficiency through the implementation of an innovative Self Bunded Tank Farm!

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