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Custom Fabricated Pump Skid Assemblies

A Custom Pump Skid will SAVE you Money – PETRO Industrial

PETRO are the FUEL SPECIALISTS. Come to us with your flow rate problems, we’ll diagnose them and provide you with a prescription to enhance your existing refuelling facility.

Generally, the more moving parts a component of a tank assembly has, the less likely they are to have the same lifespan as the self bunded tank itself. A prime example of this is pump assemblies currently fitted to existing tanks, and have been for some time.

Bowser Replacements easy on Skids - PETRO Industrial

When these transfer/dispensing pumps become tired and enter the high-maintenance phase of their lifecycle, it is often more logical and cost effective to replace them.

Although they are a relatively small investment in comparison to replacing an entire self bunded tank, replacing these components can be a time consuming process with multiple trips to-and-from site to measure, manufacture and fit the new items.

PETRO Industrial's Custom "Plug-n-Play" Pump Skid Solutions

See the 6 ways a custom pump skid assembly can benefit your business, and save you money below:

The Benefits of a PETRO Industrial Pump Skid installation

    Has your refuelling demand grown with your business? Upgrade your current pumping equipment to a more capable, all-in-one unit today! These standalone pumping solutions give your existing refuelling equipment a new lease on life, and give you peace of mind with heightened reliability and efficiency.

    iPETRO Fuel Management Systems from PETRO Industrial

    Move into the future of fuel management, and track every litre of fuel you dispense with an iPETRO Fluids Management solution. Add the console to your pump skid assembly and track your usage, differentials and much more using the iPETRO Cloud data hub!

    The iPETRO Lite fuel management system allows you to track every litre of fuel, from wherever you are through cloud-based data collection. Gone are the days of manual data collection, seamlessly and intelligently track your consumption, from wherever you are.

    Give your existing refuelling infrastructure a new lease on life, with an upgrade that won't break the bank!

    Start saving today! Contact PETRO Industrial for a tailored pump skid assembly quote, our friendly sales staff are eager to enhance your refuelling experience.


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