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iPETRO Pro Fluids Management Systems

Complete Fleet and Fluid Control – iPETRO – PETRO Industrial

iPETRO Pro leads the way in real-time fluids management systems.

Gone are the days of estimation and delayed or even manual data transmission. In this day-and-age, everything is instant and internet enabled. What if we told you that you could take complete control of your fluids/fuel data and streamline your business?

...take complete control of your fluids/fuel data and streamline your business.

iPETRO Pro is an industry leading Fluids Management System which can save your business money by securely tracking every litre of fuel, in both static and mobile settings. It enables you to know your fuel levels, right there and then with no delay. This gives you the control to allocate resources and to monitor fuel consumption with no delay, increasing efficiency and reduces the effects of any unforeseen circumstances.

iPETRO Fuel Management by PETRO Industrial

The iPETRO Pro Solution.

iPETRO Pro next generation of Real-time Fuel and Fleet Management solutions. The iPETRO Pro terminal uses its online connectivity to automatically transfer all transaction data to the iPETRO Cloud Pro in seconds, leaving the requirement for downloads and manual interaction with the fuel management terminal in the past.

Designed for the future, compatible with the past.

The iPETRO Pro Fluids Management System encompasses the digital age in which we live. However, the iPETRO Gurus have designed the iPETRO Pro to pose as a plug-and-play solution to fluids management for a vast array of existing remote refuelling and fuel dispensing infrastructure.

iPETRO FMS is On Line and in Real-time

iPETRO Cloud Pro: Complete control at your finger tips.

iPETRO Cloud Pro is the complete fuel management package, stock control, depot transactions, vehicle and mileage capture & on-road fuelling data accessible from any web enabled PC, tablet or smart phone. Communicating in real-time with the iPETRO Pro terminal you can be assured of accurate and to the second feedback on your fleets movements.

Real-time Updates.

Watch transactions automatically appear on your own version of our Secure website using PC, tablet or smartphone. Total control of single or multiple home depot fuelling locations, real-time reports, update and alerts at your finger tips.

Advantages of an iPETRO FMS from PETRO Industrial

The iPETRO Pro Solution

The iPETRO range of terminals is used in bus and transport depots and utilises both card and touchless key technology.

iPETRO Pro Console Fuel Management Solution

iPETRO Cloud Pro Offers

  • Online real- time technology.
  • Compatible with all major fuel cards.
  • Access via magnetic stripe cards, keys, fobs, contactless or wireless devices.
  • Landline Broadband, 3G/4G or Wireless connections available.
  • Real-time online management of the terminal and all data via a secure website (iPETRO Cloud Pro).


  • Multiple export formats available, automated email & FTP options, as well as API integration.
  • Automated reporting of transactions and performance reports.
  • Automated importing & exporting of on-road fuel card transactions.
  • Protection from environmental issues - System highlights if stock levels change without transaction taking place.
  • Online stock management with tank gauges linked directly into terminal and TSM website sending email alerts when re order levels are reached.
  • Monitor live transactions against dip readings shown on iPETRO Cloud Pro.
  • Extensive Fleet Management Package including MPG, KPL, Co2 reporting.
  • Supports 2 pumps as standard but can be upgraded to support 4 pumps

The Specs:

View the specification for the iPETRO Pro unit below or view the datasheet

Dimensions (w x h x d) w: 300mm h: 305mm d: 150mm
Power Supply
12, 24 or 240 Volt
Temperature Range
-45° to +55°
Real-time connection to cloud software. Touch key, contactless fob or fuel card identification.
High level encryption
Install Time
2-3 hours
Hardware Compatibility
Tank gauging capability, compatible with a wide range of pumps & compatible with iPETRO Datalink solution.


Be sure to download a brochure, Contact PETRO Industrial for a quote, or if you have any questions on how an iPETRO Pro solution can enhance your business.

See the iPETRO Pro Fluids Management System in action below!

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