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PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions
PETRO Industrial is the leader in Bulk fuel storage & Dispensing solutions
On-site bulk diesel storage for power generation

GAS versus DIESEL Power Generation – Our FUTURE?

Gas Prices versus Diesel Prices!

With the current tensions in the northern hemisphere, gas prices is set to skyrocket by unknown measures.  This is not a maybe, it's happening as we speak!

Gas suppliers will not carry these price increases and will ultimately transfer the burden on to the consumer.  Although Diesel prices will increase even more, you will be able to buy direct from diesel suppliers and save thousands of dollars, making bulk diesel storage imperative for survival.


Now is the time to invest in your own Bulk Diesel Storage Tank and benefit from what it will bring to your business or project, AND survive the onslaught of the increasing gas prices.

PETRO Industrial Diesel Storage Tank for Generator


  • Diesel will be cheaper than gas,
  • your generator will never run out of fuel,
  • you will always have diesel on site,
  • you can buy in bulk,
  • YOU negotiate the price,
  • YOU claim the rebates, and
  • you can re-fuel your vehicles.

PETRO Industrial's Bulk Storage SOLUTIONS

PETRO Industrial Diesel Storage Cube Tank for Generator feed

Utilising our skilled engineering division, we have pro-actively developed a solution platform for what is traditionally a very complex application: Long range liquid transfer with highly accurate flow and pressure to design specifications.

Whether the project calls for a diesel storage vessel to have a short distance from the power generator, or pipelines many hundreds of meters away vertically or horizontally, PETRO Industrial has a solution that will work both practically and economically.

By taking into account our in-house mastery of fluid dynamics in the fuel and oil sector, PETRO Industrial can offer an end-to-end solution for all transfer needs. With very little required technical input from you, PETRO Industrial can form any solution, from concept design and feasibility right through to installation and commissioning, PETRO has all bases covered.

With a full range of fuel management capabilities from simple sensors communicating with the generator controller, right through to fully customised PLC applications, PETRO’s in-house multi-disciplined engineering personnel can deliver on any application.

PETRO Industrial LT Tank used for diesel feed to 4 x Generators

The above illustration showcases an installation of a Self-bunded Diesel Storage Tank we installed at a Hospital to feed 4 generators. The image below shows the inside of the tanks integrated pump bay designed and installed by PETRO Industrials own Hazardous Zone Qualified electricians.

Inside the Pump Bay of a PETRO Industrial Tank

The pump and dispensing configuration inside the pump bay can be designed as a multi-purpose function.  The Self-bunded diesel storage tank can simultaneously feed generators and re-fuel heavy and light vehicles. All pipe work is designed and installed by PETRO Industrial.

All of our tanks can be utilised for Power Generation diesel storage

Our self-bunded tanks ranges from 660L up to 200 000L. This includes the CUBE, the STORE, and the larger Containerised LT and PT SERIES tanks.

The image below indicates how a CUBE tank is custom fitted with equipment to automatically feed three generators.

Cube Tank Diesel storage for Generator from PETRO Industrial

At PETRO Industrial we are all about customisation, always on the quest to problem solving, and a solutions service provider!

Contact our team today, and prepare for your future! 

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