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Power generation with on-site diesel supply and storage

DIESEL Power Generation, or Gas?

What does the future look like?

It’s no secret that gas prices are escalating fast as we speak, because of global tensions. These ongoing increases will simply be transferred to the customer! Yes, the price of diesel is also rising, but if you store diesel in bulk, you can buy from any supplier and receive the rebates. Purchase your PETRO diesel storage tank today, buy diesel in bulk, and SAVE MONEY!

A self-bunded diesel storage tank refers to a tank that has a double-wall construction with an outer tank (bund) surrounding the inner tank. This design provides an extra layer of protection against leaks and spills by containing any potential fuel leaks within the bund.


  • Buy from any supplier and negotiate on the price of diesel
  • You claim the rebates
  • You will always have diesel on-site
  • You can also re-fuel your vehicles from the same storage tank

PETRO’s expertise in engineering and fluid dynamics, particularly in the fuel and oil sector, allows us to offer comprehensive and efficient long-range liquid transfer systems. Whether it's a short distance between a diesel storage vessel and a power generator or pipelines spanning hundreds of meters vertically or horizontally, PETRO Industrial is equipped to provide practical and cost-effective solutions.

One of the key advantages we offer is the ability to handle the entire process, from concept design and feasibility studies to installation and commissioning. This means that customers don't need to provide extensive technical input, as our in-house team of multi-disciplined engineering personnel can handle all aspects of the project.

PETRO Industrial Diesel Storage Tank for Generator

Additionally, PETRO Industrial offers a wide range of fuel management capabilities. These capabilities range from simple sensors that communicate with generator controllers to fully customised programmable logic controller (PLC) applications. This flexibility allows PETRO to cater to various application requirements and deliver tailored solutions to our customers.

Overall, with PETRO’s skilled engineering division and expertise in fluid dynamics, PETRO Industrial is well-equipped to provide comprehensive, accurate, and efficient long-range liquid transfer solutions for a variety of applications in the fuel and oil sector.

PETRO Industrial Diesel Storage Cube Tank for Generator feed


PETRO Industrial LT Tank used for diesel feed to 4 x Generators

This installation is of a self-bunded diesel storage tank at a hospital to supply fuel to four generators. The image below shows the inside of the tank's integrated pump bay, which was designed and installed by PETRO Industrials' own Hazardous Zone Qualified electricians.

Inside the Pump Bay of a PETRO Industrial Tank

The integrated pump bay is an area within the tank where the fuel pumps and associated equipment are housed. It is designed to facilitate easy and efficient fuel transfer to the generators. PETRO Industrials, an industrial services company, has provided their own electricians who are qualified to work in hazardous zones to install and ensure the electrical safety of the pump bay.

Overall, this installation provides a safe and reliable fuel storage solution for the hospital's generators, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during any potential outages or emergencies.

Cube Tank Diesel storage for Generator from PETRO Industrial

The CUBE tank can be customised to automatically feed three generators. This configuration allows the self-bunded diesel storage tank to serve a multi-purpose function by simultaneously supplying fuel to generators as well as re-fuelling heavy and light vehicles.

PETRO Industrial is responsible for designing and installing the pipework required for the pump and dispensing configuration inside the pump bay. We offer a range of self-bunded tanks, including the CUBE, STORE, and larger Containerised LT and PT SERIES tanks, with capacities ranging from 660L up to 200,000L. These tanks are suitable for Power Generation diesel storage.

Contact our team today, and prepare for your future! 

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