Specialised 30,000 litre Self-bunded, Carbon Steel Tank for Emulsion Storage

Yes, PETRO Industrial also offers Carbon Steel Tanks, capable of storing sensitive liquids such as emulsions, chemicals, aviation fuel, corrosive liquids, coolants, and much more.

In this case we provided a 30,000 litre self-bunded LT Series Tank for the static storage of emulsion custom fitted with a recirculation pump transfer system.

PETRO Industrial's 30,000L Stainless Steel, Self-bunded Emulsion Storage Tank

PETRO has the capability to sandblast our tanks and prepare the steel surface for paint. This allows our customers to truly customise their tanks to their own image and CI colours. In this instance, our client required that the tank be painted a specific ColorBond Shale Grey. 

Suitable pump, valving equipment, pipe work for filling and unloading, and re-circulation pipe work were custom installed by PETRO Industrial.  We installed heat trace equipment and thermal lagging around all applicable pipework and valves in the pump bay area.  The electrical control box (AS3000 Certification) with stop/start/Estop and timer system was added for the heat trace unit.

    PETRO Industrial's Custom Emulsion Storage Tank – Bunded Pump Bay

      Special attention was given to the internal fill/recirculation line to disrupt build up of solids at suction point, plus low point drains in the pump bay pipe work.  A sensor for continuous level measurement, as well as an inner tank heating system was installed.  An external display and adjustment unit for the plics® sensors was installed for ease of use.

        30,000L Self-bunded, Stainless Steel Emulsion Storage Tank by PETRO Industrial

             30,000L Self-Bunded, Stainless Steel Emulsion Storage Tank with Decals from PETRO Industrial

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