Custom Designed Lubrication Dispensing Solutions

This project was a mining company in Papua New Guinea that required lubrication stations for oil and grease at their main operations hub.

We were given the task to come up with solutions to transfer lubricants from the storage tanks to the operations area for dispensing thereof.  At PETRO Industrial we are capable to design, engineer and manufacture solutions, in-house.

Lubrication Solution for Mining project – by PETRO Industrial

Lubrication Transfer by PETRO Industrial

The above image is the Containerised Dispensing Module (12m x 2.5m x 2.9m), with removable soft sides and roof.  All pumping equipment was to be installed and electrically wired into control boards, supplied with all equipment fully assembled and factory tested. Complete with centre block and pulley rail assembly.  All connecting pipe work were done by PETRO Industrial.

Lubrication Hose Reels Stands manufactured by PETRO Industrial

Custom design, manufacture and install of lubrication dispensing equipment

Lubrication Dispensing Modules designed and manufactured by PETRO Industrial

One of the Oil Hose Reel Stands (with drip tray), we built included 11 hose reels for: Engine oil, 2 x Transmission oils, 2 x Hydraulic oils, Air, Water, Coolant, 2 x Grease (high volume low pressure & high pressure low volume), and Waste oil (with Graco 1” Double Diaphragm Pump).

    11 x Oil Hose Reel Stand manufactured by PETRO Industrial

    Grease dispensing stand manufactured by PETRO Industrial

    The above image shows the Grease Dispensing Module with Pump Skid which included:  1 x GRACO NXT 14:1 High Volume Low Pressure Air Operated Pump with Air Regulator 500cc of Grease Per Pump Cycle, 1 x GRACO 425 FIREBALL 75:1 Air Operated Grease Pump, and Connecting Hoses and Isolation Valves.

      Lubrication Dispensing Module designed and manufactured by PETRO Industrial

      Multiple lubrication dispensing stations were installed both for grease and oil that can be used on both sides of the stands.  This was a huge task and PETRO delivered beyond the customers expectations!  Maintenance and servicing was running smoothly.

      The PETRO Industrial Major Projects team did a full Factory Test run on all the equipment before it was Commissioned on-site. The journey was taken with our customer from Concept design, all the way through to the final Commissioning.

      Made for Professionals. By Professionals. Talk to our Major Projects team to customise your solution today!