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Self Bunded Multi-Compartment Lubrication Tank with Dispensing Unit

Custom Built Lubrication Station for Vehicles on a Mining Site

PETRO Industrial has recently completed an innovative, complex multi-compartment lubrication station to store different oils on site for mining equipment!

This custom designed Lubrication Station, consists of a PETRO 8 Compartment Tank, directly feeding into a PETRO DG (Dangerous Goods) Store housing all the Dispensing equipment. The PETRO DG Store will be linked up with a PETRO LT75,000 Waste Oil tank.
A cleverly designed solution for a Major Mining and Civil Earthmoving company, working in tough and uncompromising environments around Australia.


An intelligent solution created to house various oils on site to keep a fleet of mining equipment moving. The PETRO Solution will link up with a previously commissioned LT75,000L Self Bunded Waste oil tank.
Allowing for different fill points, dispensing and pumping of high-pressure oils at different access points of the project, along with all necessary spill containment units in place.


Creating a lubrication station on site is always a challenge to make sure all the necessary equipment marries up. In this case, PETRO Industrial had to create the complete setup to be installed and linked up with a Bulk storage tank previously commissioned to this client.
PETRO’s core challenge was to provide an engineered solution which enabled the DG (Dangerous Goods) Store to house all the necessary dispensing equipment, pipework and mechanics, whilst adhering to the Australian standards.
Our Engineers design to keep to these standards, and with that said, the space in a DG Store can become limited. Some of the equipment can weigh as heavy as 150kg with a small space allocated for maintenance.


Custom Built Lubrication Station for Vehicles on a Mining Site

PETRO has custom designed a solution that allows for dispensing of over 3000L of various oils per day for mining equipment, whilst allocating a point for the disposal of the used, dirty waste oils in an eco friendly manner.

  • The Lubrication station consists of a PETRO Multi-Compartment Tank housing 8 equally sized compartments for various oils.
  • The 8 x 10,000L Tanks will fill and empty a fleet of mining trucks and machinery.
  • PETRO has designed the complex external connecting pipework, which is build-up of 8 lines, complete with drain points, break point and manual shut-off valves.
  • In order to make future maintenance work easier, all pipework has been connected through stainless steel press-fit tube and fittings that does not require any hot works onsite.
In-House Design and Engineering of Pipework from PETRO Industrial
    Self-Bunded Multi-Compartment Lubrication Tank by PETRO Industrial

    • The fill side of the Multi-Compartment Tank is fitted with 3” fill pipes with fire safe ball valves, non-return valves & camlock fittings with spill containment units in place.
    • Each compartment has integrated access ladders and are fitted with thermal relief.
    • Thermal relief is a perfect solution to allow all pressure to be relieved back into the tank when there is a rapid increase in temperature.
    DG Store used as a Pump and Dispensing Unit – by PETRO Industrial

    • The DG (Dangerous Goods) Store has been fitted out with all pipework running across the sides and roof of the store.

    • By doing so, the majority of the bunded space is reserved to house the 8 Ebsray MD100M Gear pumps, the 8 GRACO XD40 spring rewind hose reels, the Graco XD50?” spring rewind hose reel with a GRACO Husky 1590 diaphragm pump to extract waste oil and the Piusi Mechanical Flow meters.

    • The dispensing nozzles were cleverly positioned at the front of the of proposed workshop location and were accessible without the need to open any container doors or having to get inside.
    • Stop/start buttons including an emergency stop and reset button were present in the wall of DG Store.
    • Flow meters were installed on the wall for ease of reading and tracking of the lubrication transfer.
    • The dirty oil from the mining vehicles and machinery will be evacuated through the spring rewind hose reel that feeds straight into the LT75,000L Waste Oil tank.  

    • Together, the Multi-Compartment Self Bunded tank, Dangerous Goods store and LT75,000L Self Bunded Waste oil tank is the perfect Lubrication station to have on site.
    • This solution is positioned alongside a 300,000 L fuel farm with dispensing equipment delivering 900 litres per minute to their heavy vehicle refuelling applications, and a 80 litre per minute high flow nozzle for the light vehicle refuelling applications.

    Designed to house all equipment and gear in one DG Store. This solution can easily be altered and customised to any project scope.

    PETRO Industrial DG Store used as a Pump and Dispensing Unit


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