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Who is PETRO Industrial, and what do we offer?

Who is PETRO Industrial, and what do we offer?

This is how PETRO Industrial can add value to your business and enhance your performance!

We are the specialists in Bulk Storage and Dispensing of Fuel, Oil, Waste Oil and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (Adblue).

PETRO Industrial Self-Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks and Dispensing

At PETRO Industrial we Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Install, Commission and Service Self Bunded Bulk Storage Tanks.

PETRO Industrial is by no means a "Fly-by-Night" Company!

We are a Proudly Australian Owned and Operated Business offering tailor made, turnkey fuel storage and dispensing solutions locally and internationally. We have been experts in Hydrocarbon Solutions for the past 10 years and our staff are all hand picked experienced, qualified people in their respective fields. We bring a wealth of both petroleum company and equipment supply, engineering and specification experience to your business.

We have established our selfs as the leading Full Service Provider, Manufacturer and Marketer of Self Bunded Fuel Storage and Dispensing Solutions.

You are guaranteed quality when you purchase from PETRO Industrial.

We have been the first amongst our competitors to fully invest in our systems and processes and obtain independent, third party certification to in accordance to the internationally recognised Quality Standard - ISO9001: 2015.

PETRO industrial has, and continues to pass all of the audits and scrutiny applied by SAI Global with flying colours. This leads to the certification of our Quality Systems and Processes to ISO9001: 2015. This is an achievement our company prides itself on, as it provides justified peace of mind to all of our customers, that they will receive nothing but the best.

The PETRO Industrial Advantages:

  • PETRO Tanks are Self Bunded, Double Wall tanks and come in a wide range to suit any application needs.
  • We have a wide range of tanks with various capacities to suit any application.
  • Equipment can be customised and fitted in-house to suit your needs, making it a true "Plug-n-Play" solution.
  • PETRO Industrial also offers a Rent-to-Buy option on our equipment where you will own the asset after the rental period without residual payments.
  • PETRO tanks are versatile and can easily be connected to each other to transform into Tank Farms.
  • PETRO Industrial also offers our state-of-the-art  Electronic, On-line iPETRO Fluids Management Systems.
  • We are qualified experts on Pre- and Post Site Compliance Certification.
  • PETRO products are Safe, Compliant, Certified and to Industry Standards.

PETRO Industrial can make sure you are compliant to the following standards:

  • AS3000 & AS60079.0 to AS60079.31 (Electrical installations in hazardous areas).
  • AS60079.0 : Equipment - General requirements.
  • AS60079.10: Classification of areas - Explosive gas atmospheres.
  • AS60079.14: Electrical Installations design, selection and erection.
  • AS60079.17: Electrical Installations inspection and maintenance.
  • AS60079.20: Material characteristics for gas and vapour classification.
PETRO Industrial offers on-site maintenance service

    PETRO Industrial offers after sales maintenance service packages to keep your investment in perfect working order for years to come.

    PETRO's installation, maintenance and electrical staff are Hazardous Area qualified and certified.

    • We do Hazardous area verification Dossiers.
    • We do Hazardous area Zoning & Audits.
    • We have Hazardous Electrical Installation Certifications.
    • We are Qualified to do On-site sign-offs.

    PETRO Industrial is your ONE-STOP-SHOP

    PETRO’s extensive capabilities allow for projects to be managed solely during the design, development, manufacturing, delivery and commissioning stages of the project cycle. We do all the work, from start to finish!

    Dispensing Equipment and Parts.

    PETRO Industrial sell and stock all major brands of dispensing, filtration and monitoring equipment

    PETRO Industrial also stocks, markets and distributes a wide range of off-the-shelf products, many of which are available for purchase on our online store. PETRO is prepared with replacement parts for your project scope and we have the best Service & Maintenance team to install and test the necessary equipment.

    From dispensing nozzles, flow meters, gauges and transfer pumps, right through to fuel filtration equipment, heavy duty hoses and electronic on-line fluids management systems, PETRO has you covered!

    PETRO Industrial has a wide variety of tanks with various capacities


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