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iPETRO Automated Vehicle Authentication Accessories

iPETRO Automatic Vehicle Identification – PETRO Industrial

Imagine the perfect, flawless refuelling process at your dispensing point.

Imagine no more... Here it is!

By adding the iPETRO AutoFuel or SecureFuel to your existing iPETRO Fuel Management System the approaching vehicle will be identified and authenticated automatically and the pump activated, ready to pump.

iPETRO Automatic Vehicle Identification and Dispensing for Fuel Management

This saves dispensing time at the refuelling station and eliminates human error, because all activities and data are automatically captured and saved on the Cloud Based iPETRO Cloud Website in real time.

This will simplify your fuel reconciliation and make your tax rebate claims easier and more accurate than ever. The government promotes and welcomes the use of electronic fuel management systems and the powerful reports it creates.

1. AutoFuel

The HID Global iPETRO AutoFuel Wireless Controller is a device that receives data from the iPETRO AutoFuel Vehicle Tag and forwards this information to the iPETRO Pro Fuel Management System (FMS). 

The iPETRO Pro FMS software decides if and how much fuel to be dispensed based on received information and the configured business rules. The result is submitted back to the fuel pump or the Wireless Controller for execution. Using a variety of interface standards including Ethernet, RS485, RS232, Wiegand or USB, the IWC can integrate with third-party systems intended for product transfer, fueling automation or access control. 

The AutoFuel Wireless Controller utilizes an encrypted communication channel to the iPETRO Vehicle Tag and covers a distance of up to 328 ft (100 m). Firmware upgrades are easily, possible post installation, to keep the controller up to date. Two separate relays allow triggering external devices. The iPETRO AutoFuel Wireless Controller may either be embedded into other system components at the fueling site or be mounted externally by utilizing the optional waterproof housing.

2. SecureFuel

The HID Global iPETRO SecureFuel Nozzle Unit 2 is a ruggedized, intrinsically safe RFID reader, used for Fueling Management Systems (FMS). 

The unique ring-mount design allows durable fixation on a wide range of fuel filling nozzles. 

The unit turns a filling nozzle into an RFID reader that is automatically activated when the nozzle is tilted. The Nozzle Unit is designed to work in combination with iPETRO SecureFuel Vehicle Tags as RFID front-end for Fuel Management Systems. 

As soon as the Nozzle Unit detects a corresponding vehicle tag, the tag’s unique ID and required fuel information is sent via an encrypted channel to the iPETRO Pro Terminal, which decides if and how much fuel to dispense. Once the nozzle is removed from the vehicle, and the vehicle tag can no longer be read, the Nozzle Unit notifies the FMS to stop the fuel dispersion.

The iPETRO SecureFuel Nozzle Unit includes a dual-color led that indicates whether the unit is operational and a tag was successfully read. The rugged housing makes the Nozzle Unit resistant to typical fueling environments and rain water. Its tamper evident removal detection feature prevents potential fuel theft.


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