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PETRO Fuel Tank Maintenance Services

PETRO On-Site Tank Maintenance Services

Refuelling your machinery with contaminated fuel can be catastrophic.

Hazardous Zoning:

Our Service & Maintenance technicians are Hazardous Area certified.
What does that mean for you?

PETRO Industrial has the capability to do hazardous areas verification dossiers, Hazardous zoning, audits, and sign-offs on site. We can make sure your site is compliant with the relevant standards as the equipment is inspected, new equipment installed, or classifications changes.

Book your next FIXED-PRICE Self Bunded Fuel Tank service today!

Allow our qualified PETRO maintenance staff to maintain and service your investment and prolong it's longevity while you focus on running your business. Any downtime or breakage on your equipment is profit down the drain. Keep your fuel clean and keep your machinery running, with a well-maintained fuel tank.

We'll make sure everything is performing as it should. Your tank is like your vehicle, regular maintenance keeps the wheels turning or in this case, the fuel flowing.

Your self bunded fuel tank is like your car / vehicle, to maximise performance regular servicing is essential. Giving your tank a scheduled refresh saves you the headache and keeps your equipment up and running for longer!

PETRO Industrial offers On-Site Maintenance Services



  • Inspect tank structural integrity & signs of damage
  • Test tank contents for water
  • Inspect all tank accessories & maintain as required
  • Inspect & service pumping equipment & filtration screens in pumps & nozzles
  • Check & calibrate flow meter - flow rates up to 120lpm - commercial - non NMI
  • Remove vent & inspect for operation
  • Tighten all bolts & fittings and inspect for leakage
  • Clean/drain tank pump bay bund
  • Calibrate tank gauging
  • Full PETRO maintenance service report

We take the time to ensure your fuel tank is in top condition, replacing any worn parts in order to let your refuelling systems perform as they should.

Always get a better deal at PETRO!

Contact our team of hand-picked service specialists today! Or view our wide range of self bunded fuel tanks online!

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