Custom Built CUBE Diesel Storage Tank with Pre-Fitted Dispensing Equipment

Custom fitted and painted Cube Fuel Storage Tank from PETRO IndustrialThis PETRO client wanted something different that stands out, and also fits into their companies corporate image.  We decided to custom paint their tank to suite their corporate RED colour, and they loved it!

They needed a 2000 litre diesel storage tank with dispensing equipment.

Seeing that this tank would be exposed to the elements, we custom fitted a PETRO PC CUBE tank with a lockable, weather proof pump box that would house all the pumping & dispensing equipment.

This Custom Fitted CUBE is a TRUE "Plug-'n-Play" Solution which is fast and easy to install – all you need is the location.  This makes it easy to move your storage tank with no fuss or expenses!

The enclosed dispensing equipment are protected from moisture and dust that causes rust and contamination.  This high quality, durable setup will last for years and keep your equipment running.

Not only do we supply quality goods, but we also offer excellent after sales maintenance services to keep your dispensing equipment in perfect working order.

Custom fitted pump equipment inside a PETRO Industrial Cube Tank

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