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Self Bunded Tank Fuel Trailers (Double Wall)

Why a PETRO Bunded Fuel Trailer Will Benefit You – PETRO Industrial

Get to know the PETRO 110% Bunded Heavy Duty Fuel Storage trailers...

Save time and resources by bringing the fuel to your equipment using YOUR new Custom PETRO Self Bunded Fuel trailer. Perfect for mining, logging or construction fleets where static storage is simply not feasible, or make it the latest addition to your rental fleet. The possibilities are endless! These trailers offer a dynamic and versatile solution to all fleet refuelling and mobile fuel sourcing needs. innovation which is the brain-child of our talented PETRO design team.

An innovation which is the brain-child of our talented PETRO design team, we are proud to showcase our industry leading 1250L and 2000L self bunded fuel trailers.  Designed and produced in Australia, this advanced self bunded trailer meets the requirements of the Mining, Civil Construction, Hire Industry and General Industrial Markets with a range of features:

View Self Bunded Fuel Trailer Datasheet here
  • Solar Powered - Standalone refuelling solution
  • 1250L and 2000L - Safe fill capacity
  • 1250L Under 2-tonnes - Full, with dispensing equipment
  • Heavy duty chassis and running gear, suitable for on and offroad use.
  • Meets and exceeds requirements for towing of fuel in accordance with Australia Dangerous Goods Transport regulations.
  • True 110% self bunded (Double wall) design
  • Onboard pump bay and dispensing equipment
  • Low profile, aerodynamic design,
  • LED lighting
  • iPETRO Fluids Management System in-built

The Possibilities of you self bunded fuel trailer are endlesss...

But how can these trailers save your business time and money, while maximising efficiency and productivity?

Self-bunded trailer front profile

1. Ultra portable

The trailers are designed and built to be taken everywhere and anywhere, with manoeuvrability and handling in mind. The premise behind the heavy duty bunded trailers is to be able to bring the fuel to your equipment, rather than bring your equipment to the fuel. This saves not only time and money, but allows you to operate efficiently and productively in remote locations not easily accessible by other refuelling processes.

2. Versatile

Whilst the PETRO fuel trailers are portable, they are also versatile. As well as being a fully mobile fuel source, they can be used as a static fuel cell to power equipment such as Diesel Generators or Lighting Towers. Rear drop down supports for trailer stability when the trailer is not connected to a vehicle, are just one of the many design features that accommodate this type of use. The applications for this serious piece of kit are really endless!

3. Compatible

Whilst service bodies have their place in the commercial refuelling game, they do have their limitations in terms of interchangeability. When the service truck is out-of-action, so is the service body. This is where the PETRO's Bunded Fuel trailers really come into their own, they do not depend on a single vehicle. They can be moved by any suitably rated tow vehicle in your fleet, the 1250L can even be moved (at full capacity) without the need for an electronic brake controller. 

4. Standalone

The Self Bunded trailers are a true standalone mobile refuelling solution. With all solar-powered dispensing equipment stored onboard, equipment refuelling becomes simple, easy and fast. This allows you to allocate manpower where you need it most, as refuelling becomes a one man job!

5. Custom

These trailers can be tailored to suit your business. We have a range of products which we build to the specifications outlined by our customers, this is one of them. Whether the trailer needs to be built for a specific application, or to meet a specific requirement, PETRO has you covered. There is no other more versatile, innovative mobile refuelling solution on the market.

6. Durable

PETRO's Australian engineered trailers are built to stand the test of time, even in the harsh environmental conditions we live in. We believe the trailers are built to be bought once and maintained, they are not disposable. The design features a dual axle configuration, fully hot dip galvanised frame, heavy duty running gear, tow-ball hitch assembly, mechanical over ride brakes, safety chain assembly, heavy duty swing away jockey wheel and stainless Steel Roller Bars. 

You can rest with the peace of mind that you know your fuel trailer is reliable, of premium quality, and will get the job done when it matters the most (Even when fully loaded). They are designed to put up with the worst the mobile refuelling can throw at them!

7. Popularity

These trailers no only add value to your business by boosting productivity and efficiency, they are also a valuable commodity! Extremely popular in the rental market, it is extremely difficult to hire a self bunded fuel trailer. So why not know you'll always have one when you need it! On the flip side, enable your business to satisfy the evident demand by adding a PETRO Heavy Duty Self Bunded Fuel Trailer to you rental fleet!

Limit your equipments down time with a PETRO Self Bunded Fuel Trailer 

Contact PETRO Industrial Today for a quote, or view the range of products available on our site.

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