PETRO Industrial fuels both Flexihire’s internal operations and hire fleet

PETRO Industrial fuels both Flexihire’s internal operations and hire fleet with high-quality diesel tanks, grease pumps, and more.

With PETRO as a supplier, Flexihire is capable to deliver outstanding equipment hire services to their customers. Flexihire has benefited from PETRO’s extensive range of equipment to both power their internal operations and ensure that all their customers fuel needs are met.

Equipment hire by Flexihire

PETRO diesel tanks are a key component of Flexihire’s fuel storage solutions fleet with tanks of various applications and capacities on offer. Popular uses for PETRO tanks are to serve as fuel up stations on construction sites to keep all the customer’s gear on the move, or to directly connect into static equipment to act as fuel reservoirs.

PETRO diesel tanks range from small but versatile towable units with a capacity of 1250L all they way up to static 10,000L Cube units. 

PETRO’s comprehensive fuel storage solutions are not just limited to Flexihire’s hire fleet. Due to the high standard of both service and quality of PETRO’s products, they have extended the use of our tanks in to multiple of their branches across QLD and northern NSW.

Our high level of service allows the Flexihire team to ensure all our diesel and petrol powered equipment is always ready for hire.

Flexihire has also purchased several Graco LD series 50 grease pumps from PETRO Industrial to help service their fleet of hire equipment. With features like a non-corrosive air motor design and a double-acting pump, their workshop team appreciates the longevity and smooth operation of Graco grease pumps.

PETRO Industrial equip Flexihire only with high-quality tools to ensure their customers only get the best. Apart from diesel tanks and grease pumps Flexihire uses for their internal operations, PETRO Industrial also supplies them with the durable, weather-resistant adhesive tape they use to label every piece of Flexihire equipment. Since this is a product they rely on extensively, it’s important for PETRO Industrial to supply it as needed, across all Flexihire branches.

PETRO looks forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.