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Tank and Trailer Fuel Storage and Dispensing by PETRO Industrial

Fuel storage and dispensing solutions for the Hire industry

Flexihire has established a strong partnership with PETRO Industrial to meet their fuel and equipment needs. By utilizing PETRO's high-quality diesel tanks, grease pumps, and other equipment, Flexihire is able to power their internal operations and provide excellent equipment hire services to their customers.

PETRO's self-bunded diesel storage tanks, available in various capacities and applications, play a crucial role in Flexihire's fuel storage solutions fleet. These tanks serve as fuel-up stations on construction sites, keeping the gear moving, or as fuel reservoirs connected to static equipment. From towable units with a capacity of 1250L to static 10,000L Cube units, PETRO offers a comprehensive range of diesel tanks to meet different requirements.

Tank and trailer fuel storage and dispensing by PETRO Industrial

Moreover, Flexihire has extended the use of PETRO's tanks to multiple branches across Queensland (QLD) and northern New South Wales (NSW) due to the high standard of service and quality provided by PETRO.

In addition to diesel storage tanks, Flexihire has also purchased Graco LD series 50 grease pumps from PETRO Industrial. These pumps feature a non-corrosive air motor design and a double-acting pump, which ensures longevity and smooth operation. The workshop team at Flexihire appreciates the quality and performance of these grease pumps for servicing their hire equipment.

PETRO Industrial also supplies Flexihire with durable, weather-resistant adhesive tape used for labeling every piece of equipment. This reliable product is essential for Flexihire's operations, and PETRO ensures a steady supply across all Flexihire branches.

The partnership between Flexihire and PETRO Industrial has been fruitful, and PETRO looks forward to continuing this collaboration for many years to come.


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