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PETRO Industrial's Fuel and Lubrication Tank Farm installation

Showcasing Multiple Fuel Farms and a Lubrication Tank for a Mining Project

PETRO Industrial seized an exciting opportunity – a tender was up for grabs to create a top-notch fuel and lubrication storage, dispensing, and management system for a huge mining site in a remote location. PETRO needed to set up not just one, but three Fuel Farms, plus handle fresh and used oil storage for high and low flow mining vehicles. Adding to the complexity, the site was located in an extremely remote area, posing power supply challenges.

The PETRO Team got creative and presented a few design options to tackle this challenge head-on. PETRO possess the expertise, capacity, and resources to not only envision but also fabricate, install, and commission a venture of this magnitude. With our adept in-house engineers and certified electrical technicians specialised in handling hazardous zones, we ensured a secure and compliant refueling infrastructure.

PETRO Industrial's installations are modular by design and can easily be sized up, or down as the project evolves.


PETRO set up three fuel farms spread across the mining lease. Each of these fuel farms had a lineup of 12 linked-up, self-contained diesel tanks, each one holding a whopping 110,000 liters of fuel. And there were three stations for refueling – two for the High-flow vehicles and one for the lighter vehicles. Notably, the refuelling of all 12 tanks occurred at a dedicated central filling point.

PETRO Industrial's Tank Farm design, manufacture and installation

PETRO Industrial's Tank Farm layout and design solutions

To align with our commitment to environmental responsibility, we strategically installed spill containment units at every refueling station, ensuring adherence to eco-friendly practices and regulatory standards.

Two freestanding PC Cube self-bunded storage tanks, were strategically installed. One of these tanks was designated to fuel the generators responsible for the site's power supply, while the other functioned as a waste product storage tank.

One separate Solar Powered Control Module will control the entire fuel storage facility from a central point. The PETRO Electrical Engineers worked hand-in-hand with the customer to produce the exact design they needed.

In order to provide the customer with control over the fuel consumption, we integrated an iPETRO Fuel Management System. This comprehensive solution measures and documents all dispensing points on-site, empowering the manager with complete oversight of fuel utilisation.

Self bunded diesel storage CUBE tanks for Power Generation

PETRO Industrial's Multi Compartment Tank for Lubrication Storage and Dispensing

Meanwhile, our approach to Lubrication Storage and Dispensing can be seen in the deployment of a Multi-Compartment Lubrication Tank. This ingenious tank design, contains eight distinct lubricants within a single unit, connected to a separate dispensing tank equipped with all the essential components such as pumps, valves, hose reels, and nozzles.

Guided by the expertise of our qualified PETRO personnel, all aspects of pipe work, from design to installation, were executed flawlessly. Accomplished in-house electricians certified for hazardous zones were entrusted with the meticulous installation of all electrical components. Read More on the Lubrication station. 

8 x Lubricant Dispensing Module from one Multi-Compartment Storage tank

PETRO's in-house "Hazardous Zone Qualified" electricians installed all electrical work. As the project was completed the client received a Certified Compliant document that meets the applicable industry standards. This site is Safe, Environmentally friendly, and Compliant.

The following video will showcase this impressive project solution!

Fuel and Lubricant Tank Farm installation by PETRO Industrial

It goes without saying that all necessary strainers, filters and breathers were installed on all the tanks to cater for this harsh and dusty environment. The last thing a project like this needs is contamination and moisture in the tanks that causes rust in the fuel. Downtime of the equipment costs time and money!

Contact PETRO, and start planning your fuel and lubricant storage solution, today!

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